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Woodchip for sale in Cape Town

Looking for woodchips for sale in Cape Town? Our woodchips are made from natural and untreated pine and act as a great weed growth inhibitor. Our garden woodchips provide temperature protection against heat waves and cold spells and protects soil from wind erosion and from drying out. It is also a popular decorative product. We deliver woodchip in bulk or loose loads by the cube as well as in bags – anywhere in Cape Town and surrounds.

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Woodchip Mulch 60dm3
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Just enter the length and width of the area you want covered. Note: We assume a depth of 6cm. 

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Woodchip Cape Town

  • Our Woodchip Cape Town helps with soil moisture retention
  • Made from natural and untreated pine
  • A great weed growth inhibitor
  • Provides temperature protection against heat waves and cold spells
  • Protects soil from wind erosion
  • Exclusively manufactured by Landscapers Choice with over 20 years industry experience
  • A popular decorative product used to cover your soil in garden beds or for use in otherwise muddy areas in the winter months.

Benefits of using Woodchip as a Mulch

  • A thick layer of wood chips maintains the temperature near the roots. This protective covering is especially important during the heat of the summer or winter cold snaps. It keeps the ground cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • A protective layer of wood chips also prevents water from evaporating from the soil. Reducing evaporation around the roots conserves water because it reduces the frequency that plants need to be watered and lessens the chance that trees will become drought-stressed.
  • Wood chips have a variety of textures and colors. They also provide a nice contrast to a green yard or garden.
  • A layer of wood chips also prevents light from getting to the weeds below, inhibiting them from growing and competing for resources.
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Is your Woodchip Mulch Cape Town near me?

Woodchip mulch for delivery in the Northern & Southern Suburbs, which includes Cape Town, Newlands, Rondebosch, Bellville, Durbanville, Somerset West, Stellenbosch & other surrounding suburbs in the Western Cape. Unsure if your area is covered? Contact us at orders@darlingorganics.co.za.

Do you do bulk Woodchip delivered in Cape Town?

We offer premium quality woodchip for sale in bags or in bulk as well as loose loads. We also offer bulk delivery of over 40 other premium gardening products.


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