Mushroom Substrate 30dm³ Cape Town


A premium, weed-free, 100% organic composted mushroom substrate for sale for Cape Town delivery. Great for vegetables, fruit and flowers. Helps retain soil moisture and nutrients. Perfect for alkaline-loving plants this compost is nutrient-rich, weed-free, 100% organic.


Buy Mushroom Compost 30dm³ Cape Town for home delivery

  • A premium, weed-free, 100% organic, well composted mushroom substrate. 
  • Great for vegetables, fruit and flowers. 
  • Helps retain soil moisture and nutrients. 
  • Perfect for alkaline-loving plants. 
  • Nutrient-rich, weed-free, 100% organic.
  • It is popular because it releases high amounts of nutrients and humus back into the soil.
  • Mushroom compost is organic. It therefore also releases much-needed nutrients into the soil, such as Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.
  • Mushroom compost has a high organic matter content makes it a useful material for soil improvement
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  • Manufactured exclusively by Landscapers Choice with over 20 years industry experience. Landscapers Choice services the retail, nursery, garden center and landscaping markets. Darling Organics is our home delivery service.

Why use mushroom compost?

  • Mushroom compost enriches the soil and supplies nutrients for the healthy growth of plants.
  • Mushroom compost also increases the water-holding capacity of the soil, which decreases your watering needs.
  • Suitable for most garden plants.
  • It supports various types of plant growth, from fruits and vegetables, to herbs and flowers. To get the greatest results when organic gardening with mushroom compost, thoroughly mix it in with the garden soil prior to planting.
  • Mushroom compost is only an addition to your soil to enhance the nutrients and should not replace your soil completely.
  • Your soil health will be improved as it is enriched with beneficial microorganisms.
  • The root structure of your grass will be enhanced, allowing for better plant growth.
  • The best time to use organic mushroom compost for vegetable garden plots is from spring to summer.
  • Turfgrass, trees, shrubs, and most flowering plants enjoy mushroom compost because of its nutrient value and water retention properties. You can also add mushroom compost to vegetables.

Is your Mushroom compost in Cape Town near me?

Mushroom compost for sale in the Northern & Southern Suburbs, which includes Cape Town, Newlands, Rondebosch, Constantia, Kenilworth, Bellville, Durbanville, Bothasig, Somerset West, Stellenbosch & other surrounding suburbs in the Western Cape. Unsure if your area is covered? Contact us at

Do you do bulk Mushroom Compost delivery?

We offer delivery in bags or in bulk as well as loose loads.

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