Chicken Bedding 30dm³ for sale: Cape Town home delivery


Looking for composted chicken manure for sale in Cape Town? Our well-composted, organic chicken manure is perfect for vegetable gardens, adding essential and organic matter into your soil. We offer our chicken manure for sale in bags or bulk/loose loads for easy delivery in and around Cape Town. Order now to boost your garden’s health!


Buy organic Chicken Manure for home delivery in Cape Town

  • A well composted, organic chicken manure compost.
  • Chicken Manure is great for vegetable gardens.
  • Perfect for adding nutrients and organic matter to existing soils.
  • Use as a lawn booster in spring.
  • Composted chicken manure provides a slow-release source of macro- and micronutrients and acts as a soil amendment.
  • Addition of organic matter like chicken manure to soils increases a soil’s water-holding capacity, improves aeration and drainage, reduces erosion and improves a soil’s structure.
  • Additionally, organic matter like chicken manure provides a food source for soil microbes, which increases soil biological diversity, accelerating the breakdown of organic nutrients into forms more readily available to plants. All of these factors can improve plant health.
  • Chicken manure is very high in nitrogen and also contains a good amount of potassium and phosphorus.
  • Manufactured exclusively by Landscapers Choice with over 20 years industry experience.
  • Landscapers Choice services the retail, garden center and landscaping markets. Darling Organics is our home delivery service.
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Is your Chicken Manure in Cape Town near me?

Chicken Manure for sale in the Northern & Southern Suburbs, which includes Cape Town, Newlands, Rondebosch, Bellville, Durbanville, Somerset West, Stellenbosch & other surrounding suburbs in the Western Cape. Unsure if your area is covered? Contact us at

Do you do bulk Chicken manure delivery?

We offer Chicken Manure delivery in bags or in bulk as well as loose loads.

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