In this way, an entire program away from analogous dating involving the beautiful authorities and you can the items on the planet was built

Such as the Sumerian-Babylonian astrology, which attempts to define the nice world-measure events, plus individual people, about the the new divine buy of the cosmos, the new Egyptian astrology tries to get a hold of which connection first off from the latest healing or healing (heilkundlich) direction. However in Egyptian astrology, health (Heil-Sein) cannot simply indicate recuperation out-of private infirmities. The truly basic thought try an intensive you to. Differing people is a good microcosm in which all of the divine efforts of cosmos exist on the some areas and pieces of your own human anatomy. If these powers are in harmony with each other, anyone could well be compliment and you may live-in harmony on macrocosm where in actuality the same divine purchase exists.

As the Alexander the good conquers the latest orient and large areas of the fresh Mediterranean region throughout the fourth 100 years BC and unites them to the you to empire, an energetic social replace occurs

Each other currents of astrology, the fresh new Mesopotamian therefore the Egyptian, disperse together with her in the Hellenistic months, is stimulated by the other religions and ideas, and acquire access towards high religions-toward Judaism and you will Christianity, and later Islam also.

Astrology, too, forges to come unhindered from the Mesopotamian and Egyptian sources in order to Greece and you may, later on, further westward. Even with variations off Mesopotamian and you can Egyptian astrology, and you may among Hellenistic astrologers also, there is nonetheless something which he has basically in accordance:

In this Hellenistic months, astrology has recently coagulated on a fixed world view

step 1. Astrology understands gods on the globes, fixed stars, astrological signs, and you will ages just who show their have a tendency to courtesy the associated positions and you will constellations. Our planet forms and thus the middle of the nation; the new air the help of its superstar deities move about our planet as a shut fields. 2. Astrology takes on you to the facts are shown due to experience. This can be founded by comparative observation out-of existence on earth to the actions of one’s heavens.

Hellenistic astrology wants to discover humans, nature, and you can cosmos in one single comprehensive agreement. The question we inquire ourselves now, specifically just how it agreement from celebs, nature, and you can people is basically meant to work, are answered by the astrology as a result of the chief away from example and you will sympathy: predicated on this, the new gods are not just bound to the beautiful government, as well as invisibly contained in the whole cosmos. For this reason, the new jesus of the sun, esistono siti per incontri neri che non chiedono carta di credito o soldi whom grants all of us white and you will desire, is additionally present in all of us people. If we encounter an individual who delivers an excellent “warmheartedness,” “the sun’s rays” is at work with him. The human being center is just about the residence of the sun. The current presence of the brand new sun’s stamina was also thought to be for the herbs and you may precious metals. Silver corresponds to the brand new excellence of your sun and therefore the sun’s fuel was at are employed in which steel. In the vegetation that happen to be held to have extremely good data recovery efforts, the sun’s rays try as well of working.

Other globes and you can signs of the zodiac had been and additionally recognized as connected to particular peoples functions and you will organs, pet, vegetation, and you may gold and silver. The program out of analogies-tied up externally in order to stuff, furnished around with divine powers-is the reason the world view of astrology as much as the present. Each style of question we see exists for the Hellenistic astrologers inside one to animate, divine framework. In addition to for the progressive astrology, it usually is emphasized that simply analogous relationships was explained and you will not-as it is usually presumed-the brand new direct influences of your celebs.

Directly linked to so it sympathy and you will example of all the cosmic powers are a keen astrological heritage that could greatest feel entitled astral-magic (Astralmagie). I find it in a variety of Greek papyrus scrolls alarmed which have miracle, in which only limited the means to access substantial calculations was made. More critical here are the labels of the individual gods regarding the newest beautiful government, which are found in an awesome way – inside treatments as well .